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Dear Students,

Below is some important information about planning your 2018 course enrolments in relation to the new 2019 UNSW3+ calendar. 2019 is still some time away, but we want to keep you updated so you can plan for 2018 and have a smooth transition into 2019.

Please consider the information below or drop in to speak personally to advisors at the drop-in help centre located in the CLB Courtyard from Tuesday, 3 October – Friday, 20 October, 10am-3pm, or contact your Faculty Advisors directly at other times.

Best wishes


Your Study Planner

On Friday, 29 September you should receive an email with a weblink to Your Study Planner – a tool that will help you to plan your future course enrolments. It is important that you review Your Study Planner because it will help you identify which courses you will need to undertake from 2018 in order to complete your degree on schedule.

What you need to do

Look for an email in the inbox of your UNSW Student email on Friday, 29 September. Click on the link in that email to access the Your Study Planner website. Follow the instructions and review your degree information to ensure you enrol correctly for 2018 in preparation for 2019.

If you anticipate graduating prior to 2019, then you may not need to take any action. You can enrol in 2018 as per usual.

Extra support

A drop-in marquee will be in operation from Tuesday, 3 October to Friday, 20 October in the CLB Courtyard at the UNSW Kensington Campus with Faculty Advisors who can assist you in interpreting Your Study Planner. The Centre will be open weekdays from 10am-3pm for questions regarding the transition to the new calendar. Outside of these hours, you may still go to your regular Faculty Advisors for support.

Information on the UNSW3+ Calendar

I understand that the change to the academic calendar is significant. We have mapped the transition period over 2017 and 2018 and my staff and I are all committed to working to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

It is our intention that the UNSW3+ calendar will be a significant educational initiative that strengthens UNSW, enhances its reputation, and will offer our students:

  • Flexibility to spread a normal study load of 8 courses over three 10-week terms, meaning that instead of 4 concurrent courses per semester, students will take 3 or 2 courses per term;
  • The ability to do nine courses a year to free up a term for internships, volunteering or personal commitments; and
  • A minimum full-time load will be 6 courses spread over the 3 terms, which is an important option for students who need or would prefer a lighter study load.

I’d like to thank you all for your ongoing feedback and support throughout the implementation process and wish you all well in your studies this year. I encourage you to engage with the correspondence you’ll be receiving in September so you can map out the path that best suits you.

Best wishes


Professor Merlin Crossley
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education
UNSW Sydney