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Dear contact.firstname,

I welcome all who are joining UNSW for the first time and extend my best wishes to those students who are returning to our community. We hope you have settled in to your first week of Semester 2.

I would like to update you about important information relevant to UNSW in 2019. Since my
last ‘all student’ email in March, the planning for the implementation of the new academic calendar, UNSW3+, has gathered pace. Courses are being revised to fit the new 10-week terms, assessment processes are being reviewed, and meetings with our exchange, industry partners, and student bodies have been productive.

The UNSW3+ calendar and associated curriculum upgrades are designed to improve the student experience and provide additional opportunities for our students and staff. Flexibility and the ability to spread workloads more evenly across the year will deliver major benefits.

  • Students will take up to three rather than four courses per term, reducing the burden of simultaneous assessments and exams at the end of each term.
  • The normal full-time load will remain eight courses a year, so students can lighten their load in one of the terms, or if they choose to take nine courses a year, they will free up one term for additional opportunities, such as internships, volunteering, or exchanges.
  • For domestic students, the minimum full-time load will be six courses spread over the three terms, which may be attractive for students who are seeking a lighter study load due to external work commitments or personal responsibilities.

We are working to provide as much support as possible to students during the forthcoming 18 month transition period. Transition study plans will be released from this September onwards. These plans will include 2019 study plans, term course offerings, and course prerequisite information, to enable everyone to map out progression to completion. We will also make available additional face-to-face and online support both centrally and through each Faculty.

UNSW prides itself on being an innovative university that constantly strives to lead the way in enhancing the student experience. I look forward to continuing to explore the new opportunities that UNSW3+ offers with students, staff and our external community as we move towards 2019.

In the meantime, please refer to our website - - for regular updates or contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Professor Merlin Crossley
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education
UNSW Sydney